The Self Balancing Scooter – A Tourist’s Dream Vehicle For Exploring?

self balancing scooterHaving recently exploded in popularity, the self balancing scooter has quickly made a name for itself. While few know exactly where they came from, everyone can attest to how interesting they are as both a concept and practical means of moving around. More and more uses are being found for the self balancing scooter every day.

In particular, riding a self balancing scooter as a way to explore while on vacation in the East of England is growing increasingly popular. Is it a good idea? Let’s take a moment to review the pros and cons of the self balancing scooter.


Lessens The Amount of Walking:

A self balancing scooter means that you will walk a lot less when exploring on vacation. It will allow you to travel up to 10 miles per hour, allowing you to get to destinations far quicker than if you were walking. In addition to saving you time, it can save your fatigued muscles and leave you more energized for the remainder of your stay.

Lightweight And Portable:

The self balancing scooter is lightweight and portable. It can be attached to a backpack if you want to visit a restaurant or museum and it will not add much weight. Whether you are carrying it in luggage or with you as you explore a new and interesting city, the self balancing scooter is the perfect way to get around.


Hard To Travel With:

Are you traveling to another country? Are you using a train, plane, or bus to get there? Every month there are more and more regulations regarding traveling with self balancing scooter. With a reputation of sometimes setting on fire, many agencies have stopped allowing self balancing scooters to stored or travel with. This will make bringing your self balancing scooter with you very challenging. At the same time, you may be able to find a self balancing scooter rental at your vacation destination.

Battery Life Is Short:

The battery life of a self balancing scooter is only a few hours. As most models of the self balancing scooter use a 4400mAH Battery, it is hard to find one not ridiculously expensive for longer battery life. This can represent a challenge when it comes to charging. If you are in an unfamiliar city and can not find an outlet, then you are going to be forced to keep your treks out short, to identify charging stations before you leave, or be willing to carry around a self balancing scooter with you during your travels.

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