Missed Your Chance to See the Sakura Festival in Japan? Here Are 5 Other Places You Can Visit!

Japan is undoubtedly the best place in the world to visit if you love cherry blossoms. In fact, a lot of people travel to Japan specifically for this purpose. If you have not made it during the cherry blossom season, don’t worry. You still have other options. There are places that can give you pretty much the same experience.

1. Meghalaya, India

The Cherry Blossom Festival in this part of India takes place around October to November each year. it is considered one of the earliest cherry blossom festivals in the world. The experience is truly amazing. You will feel like you are in Japan even if you are not.

2. Copenhagen, Denmark

This country also celebrates the Sakura Festival. There have been over 200 cherry trees in the Langelinie Park since 2008. Every year since then, this festival is celebrated. There are also other activities available for visitors and entrance is free.

3. Jerte Valley, Spain

Spain is the last place you can think of when it comes to cherry blossoms, but don’t take Jerte Valley out of your list. This place showcases over 2 million cherry trees. When covered in snow in April, the place looks spectacular. Musical performances, guided tours and local markets are available.

4. Vilnius, Lithuania

This place showcases a really picturesque scene during the cherry blossoms season. There is a Sakura garden that will make you feel like you have visited Japan. It is quite small, but still worth visiting.

5. Bonn, Germany

Every April or May of each year, narrow streets in this city are filled with cherry trees, creating a tunnel of pink. There is also live music available. This is without a doubt the best flower tunnel you will ever find.

Considering the best place to see cherry blossoms outside Japan, you won’t regret that you have missed the sakura season. Besides, you can always go to Japan the next time they have the cherry blossom again. You just have to plan your trip in advance to avoid missing the entire experience again. For now, enjoy these wonderful places. You might even love them more than Japan.

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