What is the Quality Of Water Like in the East of EnglandLike most water supply companies, organisations overlooking the supply of water to the Eastern part of England offer the highest quality of water. The water is monitored 24/7, right from the time it enters the pumping station to the moment it reaches your taps and the teams are vigilant as to what they supply. They assure you absolute clean and potable water with zero defects.

However, there are times when the water supplied may turn out to be a tad too hard. Now hard water is in essence harmless to the human body but is a killer to the electrical appliances, namely the washing machine et al.

What causes water to be hard?

The area East of England, has rocks with very high chalk or Calcium Carbonate content. Now when the water passes through these rocks a fair bit of chalk does get dissolved. As a result of which, the water does get hard.

The water supply departments have clearly demarked areas where hard water is to be expected. East England, in particular, is prominently marked on that map. Hard water can cause different problems.

You won’t like bathing in hard water. Removal of germs and bacteria becomes harder as hard water leaves a small film of soapy curd on the skin.

  • Using dishwashers become a problem too, as it can cause spotting and filming on the crockery.
  • Laundry can become a problem too as clothes can feel dingy and harsh, even after thorough cleaning.
  • Water using appliances like boilers wouldn’t be as efficient when there is hard water.

How do I find out that the water is hard?

Some of the visible signs of hard water include the following:

  • Scales in kettles and internal plumbing
  • White marks on sinks
  • White or grey flakes in the water you use

While normally they do not cause any harm to the human body, but utensils, electrical appliances and kitchen accessories, over a period in time do become rusty and covered with stains from the constant usage of hard water.

What can be done to overcome it?

Slight changes in the way you do things can help improve the situation and extend the life of your utensils and appliances. For example, instead of a mug use a tea pot to make tea. Of course, there is numerous water softening companies peddling their wares, but not all users usually like the idea of water softening.

How can I soften water?

There are many devices available in the market which helps soften water. However, what must be remembered here is that large scale water softening could be expensive and excessive amount of sodium in the water can lead to health issues in the future. But, if it is within the permissible limits, water softening can do wonders to the utensils as well as get rid of the ugly flakes which inhabit your water. For smaller homes, waters softeners like the RV Pro will be enough to provide a family of 4 with clean water.

Water softeners release salt in correct portions to soften the water. As a result at times, if too much softening is done, the water might taste salty. However, in order to avoid that, the softener needs to be checked and maintained properly. If done properly, a water softener is a boon.

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What are the Biggest Rowing Events in the East of EnglandIt should come as no surprise to anyone that rowing is one of the most popular sports in all of England, as the sport was practically “invented” out on the river Thames in London in the middle of the 18th century.

Ever since those early professional watermen decided to hold impromptu races against one another just to keep the job a little bit more lively the sport has been incredibly popular throughout the UK and the rest of the world, for that matter. It’s one of the oldest and most established Olympic sports (with people competing since 1900), and the World Rowing Championships are held every year to help uncover which international team is the very best of the best.

If you’d love to catch a bit of competitive rowing, you’re going to want to check out at least some of these competitions. Not only are they going to be incredibly instructive as far as how the highest level of competition is conducted, but they are also going to give you a unique opportunity to learn more about the sport and find rowing clubs that you may be able to get more involved with.

Here are some of the biggest rowing events in East of England that you cannot miss!

1. The Star Club “Head of the River”

Easily one of the very biggest races in all of the United Kingdom, and certainly one of the most important races in the East of England, this “Head of the River” competition is held at 17 January and is one of the first championship races of the New Year.

Teams from all over the United Kingdom come to compete against one another, and some international teams are also invited to the competition. It’s an entire day event filled with fun, food, and friendly competition – and it’s the perfect event to start the year off right.


2. The Cambridge “Head To Head”

This competition is held just a few days after the one above (23 January), and is a little bit more “involved” and a lot more competitive. The second major tournament of the year, this is where some of the very best in the world compete, each of them planning their entire “new season” off of how they’ll train for this event.


3. The Star Regatta

As far as the eastern side of England is concerned, the Star Regatta is a major atonement that most international teams will do everything in their power not to miss.

Held a little bit earlier (12 June) this year than years before, it’s a start of summer kind of tournament that rowing teams from all over the world flock to just to see how they stack up against the rest of the competition.


4. The Peterborough Summer Sprint

One of those rowing tournaments that really symbolizes the middle of the summer, this “Summer Sprint” is scheduled for 13 August, and is one of the most looked forward to events in the English rowing community.


Although it may not feel exactly like rowing in a river, it’s good enough especially if you’re looking to have a bit of a workout while strengthening your body. Doing so will ensure you’re properly prepared when it’s time to head out for some real rowing fun.