No matter you want to explore wildlife, rest in a gentle place or love to remain active, Essex is a spectacular country with loads of choices. It is a contrasting country infused with unique natural, historical and architectural treasures, steeped in history, summarizing everything within the countryside and the coast. Essex has several hidden gems that you can discover and explore while touring the country.

Ingatestone Hall: It takes the visitors back to the sixteenth century. It is the home for Scions of Peter family and Sir William Peter who is the State Secretary to four Tudor rulers. The visitors can explore the eight principle halls as part of the fascinating tour. It contains memorabilia, furniture, and paintings collected over the centuries.

Crossing Temple: It is the hoariest timber-framed outbuilding in the world. The Knights Templar – elite warrior monks owned the medieval trenched farmstead long ago. It is was established in 1119 to serve pilgrims wandering to the Holy Terrestrial. The pilgrims were given the crossing temple in around 1137. Thus, it became the most important and largest estate in Essex.

Copped Hall: It is an 18th-century mansion. It got destroyed due to the electric fault that took place on 1917. The damage made the Copped Hall into a burnt shell. The beautiful Georgian mansion is going through the renovation process. It is worth to visit the gardens located within the building. Rod Stewart, who is a rock star, lives on the property that is within the Copped Hall land.

Layer Marney Tower: It is the tallest Tudor gatehouse and best instances of Tudor architecture. Henry VIII resided in the beautiful and impressive tower in 1522. You need to climb ninety-nine steps that are eighty feet tower to take a breathtaking view of North Country.

Hylands House: The Hylands House is liberated from ruin and immersed in history. It is beautiful restored and fascinating country house listed in Grade II. It was constructed in 1730. It is said to be the modest red brick house with Queen Anne style. It has been changed eventually throughout the history. The visitors can explore stunning views and spectacular rooms above the landscaped parkland.

Roman Heritage: Colchester’s Roman relics are the most impressive and earliest in the country. It is the eldest recorded town and also the said to be the Roman Empire’s first capital in Britain. Ensure to visit Colchester Castle to get a knowledge of fascinating antiquity of the town.

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