There are only a few regions in the world that are large as Norfolk with multiple personalities. Are you planning to visit Norfolk and its surrounding areas? The hub of Norfolk consists of a blooming modern town with cherished medieval heritage and magnificent cathedral. The Norwich is an excellent destination for retail therapy. Apart from Norwich, there are picturesque villages and well-conserved market towns, the Fens covering the wilderness wetlands, the heathlands and sandy pine forests of the Brecks, the South Norfolk’s rolling countryside, the exclusive man-made Broads, and cultivated farms and arable fields.

You will discover different pace of life the bursting metropolis and the relaxed coastal villages.

Some of the places you should visit in Norfolk are ninety-three miles of coast that are located in an area of extraordinary natural beauty, tailed and topped by the coastal appeals of Hun Stanton and the Great Yarmouth. In between the journey you will discover salt marshes and pine-fringed beaches of North Norfolk along with the Eastern dunes and marram grass.

No matter you are looking for relaxing weekend break or action filled family holiday for two, you will find the Norfolk parts a perfect destination for you. It is filled with lots of adventure, fun, history and entertainment that you can even save some destinations for the next time.

Places you should Visit in Norfolk are the Fens and the West Norfolk, Waveney Valley and South Norfolk, Norwich, North Norfolk, Greater Yarmouth, Norfolk Broods, the Thetford forest and the Brecks.

The Brecks is an exclusive and fascinating landscape in the United Kingdom. It has the best climate with hot summers and low rainfall. Thetford is an ancient town located on the boundary of Suffolk and Norfolk border that remains as the Brecks gateway. It is the right place where you can start the diversity of the area, rich history, fun outdoor activities and the outstanding wildlife.

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